Pros and Cons of The Dacia Spring Electric 45 (2024)

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Pros and Cons of The Dacia Spring Electric 45 (2024)


  1. Affordable Electric Option: The Dacia Spring Electric 45 offers an affordable entry point into electric vehicle ownership, making it accessible to a broader range of consumers.

  2. Decent Range: With a WLTP range of 220 km, the Dacia Spring Electric 45 provides adequate range for urban and suburban commuting, errands, and shorter trips.

  3. Quick AC Charging: The Type 2 7 kW AC charging capability allows for a convenient charging experience, with the ability to charge from 20% to 100% in just 4 hours, suitable for overnight charging at home or at work.

  4. Compact and Practical: As a 5-door crossover with the ability to seat up to 4 passengers, the Dacia Spring Electric 45 offers practicality for everyday use. Its relatively spacious trunk and frunk provide ample storage options for luggage and smaller items.

  5. Basic Safety Features: Equipped with front and side airbags, as well as advanced driver aids such as emergency braking, traffic sign recognition, lane keeping assist, and driver attention warning, the Dacia Spring Electric 45 offers basic safety features to enhance driver and passenger safety.


  1. Limited Performance: With a relatively low power output of 33 kW (45 hp) and a leisurely acceleration of 19 seconds from 0-100 km/h, the Dacia Spring Electric 45 may feel underpowered for those accustomed to more spirited driving experiences.

  2. Lack of Comfort Features: The absence of heated seats and a glass roof, common in many modern vehicles, may detract from the overall comfort and luxury feel of the Dacia Spring Electric 45, particularly in colder climates.

  3. Basic Suspension Setup: The front pseudo Mac-Pherson and rear H-axle with helical springs suspension setup may not provide the same level of comfort and handling refinement as more advanced suspension systems found in other vehicles.

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