Lancia is revealing a fresh take on their electric concept car

Apr 03, 2023 Reviews 198 hits

Lancia is revealing a fresh take on their electric concept car

This marks the second act of the brand's revival. The previous unveiling was the "Pu+Ra" Zero sculpture in November 2022. This time, they're presenting a more concrete concept car, albeit with a hint of mystery. The teaser confirms that it will be a two-door coupe, a silhouette that's not currently in Lancia's lineup.

Lancia has a clear roadmap for the future, with plans to release three vehicles: a new Ypsilon in 2024, a 4.60-meter-long crossover in 2026, and a new compact in 2028. However, the concept car will serve as the foundation for the brand's new design language, providing a sneak peek into the elements of style that will appear on upcoming models.

The design of the new concept car combines elements from the past and present, paying homage to Lancia's legendary vehicles. The teasers suggest that the silhouette is inspired by the iconic Stratos, with round lights that resemble the Stratos' signature style. Additionally, the quarter panel blinds, borrowed from the Beta HPE, are reinterpreted with an extended pattern that continues onto the bezel.

In the latest teaser, Lancia showcases an "innovative circular roof" that offers a panoramic view and floods the passenger compartment with natural light. This feature highlights the concept car's electric motor, which will be revealed in detail on April 15 by Luca Napolitano, the brand's CEO.

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